About Us

Happily Married Couple that LOVE Wood - Painting - Designing -Creating.

About Brenda
She loves the hunt for used, unwanted, discarded, ready for the dump kind of furniture.    Brenda sees the beauty of such an ugly duckling, she dreams of paint vs stain or recycling to a new piece.  Does she take it back to the original beauty, or paint it to look like it was done a 100 yrs ago.   OR maybe just paint it wild and carefree.  Every piece of furniture is unique.  No 2 are ever identical 100%  She repairs, cleans, paints, stains, and gets it ready for the showroom floor. 
Brenda is an old soul with a new young wave mind.     Try to tell her she isnt young....maybe just young at heart.
Do you have a piece of furniture that just doesnt fit your house anymore, talk to Brenda, see if she can bring some new life into that piece.  But STAND BACK - watch her eyes fill with joy, her heart starts racing, and the adrenline starts pumping with IDEAS, and that big ole smile....you know she is in her element. 
About Dan
He loves to shop for old pieces of furniture right along the side of his wife Brenda.  He has been known to stop on a back road, just to see if that was usable piece of metal.  But his real talent is wood working.  At a young age he feel in love with wood, due to his Grandfather teaching him.  It was many years since then, but when he gets to creating, you should see the smile on his face.  Nothing like it. 
Give him a piece of wood, and that OCD kicks in and creates a One of a Kind MASTER Piece! 
So if your looking for something unique, one of a kind, a conversation piece, talk to Dan, give him measurements and an idea of what you are looking for, and let him create something Uniquely Beautiful. 
  1. Managing Director
OUR home established in 2013, yeap still Newlyweds!